Private trips for individuals

Door to door ride from/to any destination in Europe

Where do you want to go today? What about using a private trip with BOBdriving?
Move YOUR way and choose for comfort and safety for low money!
No worries about finding a busy bus or subway with your heavy luggage. No need to call an expensive cab to go to a public transportation station!
Calculating from door to door, travelling with BOBdriving is the more comfortable, safer, quicker and less expensive way of travelling.
What we provide:
– Premium vehicles
– Short – medium – long distance rides all over Europe
– Local and professional drivers
– Large luggage capacity
– Child friendly – child seats available
– Choose your car range : Sedan – MPV – Van
– Choose your comfort : Premium – Business – Luxury
– Pet friendly

Airport/Train station/Cruise port Transfers

Book your private ride from/to any airport/train station/cruise port in Europe

Do you need to be on time with no worries to catch your flight/train? Do you need a professional welcome at your destination to be transferred to your destination? BOBdriving is the partner for your transfers with fair rates all over Europe.
What we provide:
– A service available all over Europe
– Flexible real-time arrival welcome: we will track your flight and welcome you at the airport/train station at the official landing time, even if your flight is delayed.
– Short – medium – long distance rides with a large luggage capacity
– Child friendly vehicles – child seats available
– Choose your car range : Sedan – MPV – Van
– Choose your category: Premium – Business – Luxury
– Go for an Electric ride in option to decrease your CO² impact
– Pet friendly vehicles

Business trips

A personalized service dedicated to your business mobility needs

When some people of your company need to travel, BOBdriving is the more comfortable, best time efficient, most ecological solution. Calculating from door to door, a journey with BOBdriving is the quickest, safest and least expensive way of travelling.
Choosing BOBdriving is the most efficient solution for your business mobility needs like:
– Meetings and seminars
– Airport transfers
– Medium and long distance trips
– Non stop working trips
– Special events
What we provide:
– A guaranteed flexibility and punctuality
– Premium selected educated drivers
– Specific language knowledge of the driver on demand
– Choice of your car : Sedan – Mpv – Van
– Choice your comfort expectations: Premium – Business – Luxury
– Special business options : Free Wifi – phone charger – snacks and beverages
– Special requests on demand
– Fair rates – competitive with the train option in many cases
– Special business prices
– Possibility of a vehicle disposal at hourly rates

Private touristic tours

Planning a tour to touristic destinations around or on your way.

Many times, when you choose a city to visit, you are not able to go to some nice interesting places just because they are too difficult to reach without a car.
Here are some examples :
1. Belgium:
Tour of the main breweries or chocolate factories,
Visit of the WW II Bastogne war museum (Battle of the Bulge)
Visit of Waterloo battlefield and museum
2. The Netherlands:
– Visit of the UNESCO site of Kinderdijk’s windmills
– Visit of the tulips fields of Keukenhof
3. France:
– Claude Monet gardens at Giverny
– WW I Battlefields, museums and memorials
All these destinations are very difficult to reach by train or other public transportation means.
We may organise a nice journey for you, custom made, following your expectations and requests with a local driver.

Transportation of/with your vehicle

Door to door ride from/to any destination in Europe with your own car

Are you going to a destination that is too far away and you don’t want to drive?
Would you like to have your own car at your disposal during your stay?
Do you like the comfort of your own car, but don’t want to drive?
Ask for BOBdriving !

We drive your car and luggage to any destination and you will enjoy the comfort to travel as your own passenger… or choose a flight and be welcomed by your own vehicle at destination.
At your destination, you can enjoy the use of your own car during your stay.

Both formulas are possible: You can move with your car as a passenger or choose a flight or a public transport method to move to your final destination.

Special Events

Car at disposal with your personal driver for private or business events.

You or your company is organizes a special event?
-> BOBdriving is your ideal partner.

Ask BOBdriving a quote to organize your people’s transportation needs for your special event like:
– VIP service people’s transportation
– Large number of people transportation
– Special seminars
– Big parties – safe pickups and back home transportation
– Company motivation event
– Wedding
– Others (your imagination is the limit)
BOBdriving is the masterpiece to change your special event into an unforgettable day!