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Frequently Asked Questions

BOB means Business or Beach! Wherever your destination is, whatever the purpose of the trip, we provide all the transportation services at FAIR RATES. We will drive you door to door everywhere in Europe with a guaranteed quality of service based on punctuality and professionalism.
YES it is possible and not more expensive than an equivalent trip starting from Brussels. BOBdriving is a NETWORK. We will find you a local partner to drive you. So whatever the starting point, we will offer you a fair price. Don’t hesitate to ask a personalized quote.
BOBdriving is a NETWORK of companies and drivers able to provide premium driving services all over Europe. Companies and drivers are selected to provide the same level of service at the same rate. They all contracted to follow the same standards in order to meet your expectations. Wherever you’re using BOBdriving services you are sure to meet the same quality of service.
No, travelling with BOBdriving is affordable and much cheaper than using taxi companies. Just check our rates asking for a quote or sending a mail at! Most of the time our services are also competitive with some public transport means – like train – in terms of efficiency and prices. Calculating from door to door, travelling with BOBdriving with 3 people is often more comfortable, safer, quicker and less expensive than travelling by train.
Using BOBdriving means a flat rate per vehicle and not per person: the more people are travelling with you, the less it costs per person. Here are some rates: Brussels to Paris CDG Airport from €73 per pax* Lille to Brussels Charleroi Airport from €35 per pax* Brussels to Brussels Charleroi Airport from €16 per pax* Brussels to Amsterdam from €48 per pax* BOBdriving provides an easy and affordable way of travelling: no worries about finding a busy bus or subway with your heavy luggage or calling an expensive cab to go to the railway station. No stress to be on time at the train station, no exhausting connections: your BOBdriving partner will take care of you and your luggage from door to door! Ask for your personal quote HERE! * Price calculated on the base of a 7 passengers ‘trip travelling in a van. This is a non contractual price that may vary depending on the accurate guest ‘s data.
Our drivers are speaking their native language. Most of them are speaking English or/and some other languages as well, but it is not mandatory. During the order process, you’ll be invited to tell your native language and ask for a specific language knowledge if you’d like to: we are working with a lot of partners and we’ll be happy to do our best to meet your expectations!
Business and Luxury trips mean a higher quality of service and higher class and more confortable vehicles. Minimum range for Business trips are E-Class Mercedes or equivalent as sedan are concerned, GLE Mercedes or equivalent for MPV’s and V-Class Mercedes for Vans. Minimum range for Luxury trips are CLS-Class Mercedes or equivalent as sedan are concerned, Porsche Cayenne or equivalent when MPV is needed. Concerning the service, the dressing code is strict, meaning suit and tie for male drivers, strict suit for female. He/She will provide his guests drinks and snacks. All vehicles are equipped with rear air-conditioning, genuine leather seats, USB charger and free wifi.
You will travel in a premium recent vehicle that fits the number of people and luggage travelling with you: A Sedan (comparable to Audi A3 or bigger) for up to 3 passengers, An MPV for groups of 4 people (comparable to a VW Touran ), A Van (comparable to Ford Custom) for groups up to 7. You may also choose for Business Class and Luxury Class vehicle to access to a higher level of comfort and service. All our partners are using vehicles that are less than seven years old, in excellent operating condition and professionally insured as required by local law. While the exact model may vary, we always ensure that the vehicle provided meets your needs in terms of safety, reliability, and comfort. Depending on the availability, you may be upgraded to a higher vehicle class free of charge
When you book, we are choosing the most appropriate vehicle considering that the standard luggage for each passenger is maximum composed of a large bag (74 x 53 x 28 cm) and one small bag (56 x 36 x 23 cm). If you are carrying more luggage or extra-sized luggage, please feel free to contact us at to be sure your luggage will fit in the vehicle ordered and find a solution if they don’t. Please note also that for Business and Luxury trips only one big luggage per person is considered.
Yes, of course! We love children at BOBdriving! Your driver will carry on with him a suitable child-seat to ensure a safe trip. We kindly ask our guests to tell the age of the children that will travel with them so we’ll be able to specify the correct child-seat or booster to the driver. On the other hand, the customer is aware that the children must sit in the child-seat provided during the whole trip: this is mandatory for understandable safety and legal reasons.
Your driver can pick you up at your hotel, apartment, cruise ship dock or any other pick-up point accessible by car. This applies to your drop-off location as well. No need to worry about buses, cabs or other connections . BOBdriving provides door-to-door service! If you happen to be in a pedestrian-only area, your driver will meet you at a designated pick-up location. Your driver will meet you at the agreed time and place and won’t contact you before unless necessary. You’ll receive a reminder with your driver’s name and mobile number a few days before departure in case you need to contact him/her.
Yes, we are happy to accommodate your animal! Please let us know in advance if you will be travelling with pets, including service and emotional support animals so we can ensure there will be enough space for you, your pet and your luggage in the vehicle. If you don’t inform us in advance, we can’t guarantee that your driver will be able to accommodate you or offer any refund.
We strive to make your trip as comfortable as possible and the air you breathe in the car is an important part of this. All drivers are required to keep their cars smoke-free and generally as scent-neutral as possible. Which means no smoke, no dust, and no air fresheners.
The easiest and more comfortable way to pay in advance by credit card or bank transfer. You may also pay in cash in all major currencies at the end of your trip. Be aware anyway that in some countries, cash payment is not allowed. Most of our drivers are carrying a Bank terminal: then it will be possible to pay with a credit card inside the car, but you must be aware that the use of such a terminal is subjected to a correct mobile connection at the drop-off place and you could be asked to find an ATM if it’s not working. The currency reference is Euro and your bank may use a different exchange rate than the official one. In case of a cash payment in another currency than Euro, the driver will charge you his bank exchange costs in top of the official rate as defined in the Service terms and conditions. (Chap.D.§2.2)
If you need to cancel or reschedule your trip for any reason, simply call or send us an email. We understand that travel plans can change, which is why we don’t charge a fee for changes or cancellations made at least 48 hours before departure and very low administrative costs if it is made before 24 hours. You will find more information in our Service terms and conditions.(Chap.C.§4)
We and our partners accept all major currencies used worldwide. Euro is the currency reference but we are also happy to accept Swiss franc (CHF), US dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound and Australian dollar. Anyway, using another currency than Euro implies bank exchange costs on top of the official rate as defined in the Service terms and conditions. (Chap.D.§2.2) These are the only costs that will be charged: we’ll never apply any extra costs or fees than those charged by our bank company.
The quoted price is final and there are no additional fees for our services. It means that our prices include the car disposal, the trip (including eventual motorway tolls), restroom stops and lunch stops (meal excluded) as described in the Service terms and conditions. (Chap.C.§3) Gratuity is excluded from the total price and is not a requirement. However, if you’re extremely satisfied with the service, you may reward your driver with an optional tip (10% is a good base). There will be no surprises or additional fees from BOBdriving.
We send a confirmation email immediately after you place your order and an email with your driver’s details a few days before your trip. If you did not receive any email from us, it’s possible there is a typo with your email address or that they are going to your spam folder. Check this please. Not receiving any emails does NOT mean your trip is cancelled! To update your contact information, please contact us.
If you booked with us through our website, please send a request to and we will gladly remove all your personal information. You will find our complete privacy policy here.